Two function enhancements in account management

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Two function enhancements in account management

Post by topper » 2018-03-29 05:27

These are the places that feel inconvenient in use, if you can improve it:

1. The number of accounts under each domain is not directly known.

2. Account by the first letter classification, the current account list of words too small, the account after a lot of account to find very troublesome, I have to change the account password, the other person's account password changed

3. It is best to display accounts on the dialog box for deleting accounts.
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Re: Two function enhancements in account management

Post by digim » 2019-02-06 22:35

one more huge request:
please add ability to display active directory login field next to the mail account name in the main accounts list window (it feels so empty with those two columns now)
this will significantly decrease time to search right account to work with!

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