Additional remote access prtocoll

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Additional remote access prtocoll

Post by Dravion » 2015-10-13 22:02

Now we have COM and we use it in various ways (vbscript, php, c#, c/c++) very successfully.

In some cases a second remote access way can be benefitial.A param in the hmailserver.ini like wssapi=false|true could be used turning the apil on and off.

Why Websocket?
Websocket support is an common internet standard, specified as RFC 6455 and even older Android/iOS Browsers can handle it nowdays.

Websockets using HTTP port 80 and HTTPS SSL port 443 for bootstrapping into a full fledged TCP
Alike connection which provides:

*Webbrowsers can talk in realtime to hms
*90% lower traffic as HTTP and HTTPS
*Full TLS-Encryption using HMS SS-Certificate
*Broadcast: The server can notify all clients
*Broadcast: Clients can notify all other clients
*Accessclients: PC, Mac, Mobile iOS+Android apps
Webbrowsers like IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Seamonkey, Safari.

Possible features for HMS:
*IRC like chatt on all above listed access clients.
*WebRTC Voice over IP (talking like Skype)
*Exchange MAPI like HMS specific EMail interface.
*Realtime status notifications and events.
*Modern Websocket Webmail-Client.

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