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Posted: 2007-09-17 18:26
by martin
Before posting anything in this section, make sure you have read the following.

General rules
  • English should be used for posts made in this forum. If you make a post in another language, few people will understand you and you should not expect anyone to answer you.
  • If you have a problem which seems to be similar to someone elses, create a new forum thread where you describe your problem. Don't re-use an existing thread and assume that your problem is the same as someone elses - in almost all cases, it isn't. If you re-use other threads for your own problems, you will probably cause confusion which means it will take a longer time to solve your problem. Doing this may see your post removed without warning.
  • Never re-use other threads for your own questions and problems start a new thread and link to the old thread.
  • No links to outside services unless you have a minimum 15 posts. Your link will either be removed, the post deleted or your account removed.
  • Tips and Tricks secton
    The Tips and Tricks section is not for asking how to fix a problem, it is for giving users good examples of how to do something with hMailServer. If you still have a problem after reading the two links below then please post in the relevant section.
The following two documents contains enough information to solve over 90% of all problems users report in the forum.