Proxy protocol support

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Proxy protocol support

Post by timofeich » 2019-04-13 00:42

Hello! I think it would be great to have proxy protocol support in hMailServer. Use case:
  • Easy setup
  • Faster incoming mail delivery
  • 100% valid SMTP HOSTNAME/PTR/SPF/DKIM for outgoing mail
  • No clients IP address e.g. no Auto-Ban and DNSBL in SpamAssasin. And this is why we need proxy protocol.
I guess, we can even get rid of Postfix, by adding per-route hostname feature...

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Re: Proxy protocol support

Post by mattg » 2019-04-13 01:41

Can you add a poll question please

Also, this doesn't appear to have RFC endorsement, and as such is unlikely to be added to hMailserver.

hMailserver is open source though, the source is on github
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