group and disibution list selections in user account panel

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user account panel group and disibution lists selections for the account

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group and disibution list selections in user account panel

Post by percepts » 2016-07-14 18:16

It would be useful if hmail had a couple of extra selection inputs in the accounts setup panel where you could select a group or groups to be included in and also select a distribution list or lists for the domain to be added to so that it is all handled at account setup time or could be manually altered later from the account user panel.

a drop down list of groups with mutiple selects allowed and a drop down list of distribution lists for the domain with multiple selects allowed.

This functionality allows administratros to organise their accounts logically, for example by department, as they set them up instead of having to manually go into both groups and ditribution lists after completeing the add account functionality.

And its much easier to see and adjust which groups and distribution lists an account is in at a later date. i.e. it simplies the account administration and is less prone to manual errors.


account deletion should automatically remove the account from distribution lists and groups the account is currently in.

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