Maximum message size

This section contains scripts that hMailServer has contributed with. hMailServer 4 is needed to use these.
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Maximum message size

Post by martin » 2005-07-27 14:40

This script lets you define a server-wide maximum message size. To change the maximum message size, change the value 1024 to something else.

hMailServer 4. Works fine in 4.1 as well, but in that version it's better and easier to use the built-in functionality to limit the message size. (The built-in functionality requires less CPU resources)

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Sub OnAcceptMessage(oClient, oMessage)
  Dim iMaximumMessageSizeKB
  iMaximumMessageSizeKB = 1024
  If oMessage.Size > iMaximumMessageSizeKB Then
     ' Reject the message since it's larger than 
     ' the maximum message size.
     Result.Message = "This message is to big. Maximum message size is " & iMaximumMessageSizeKB & " KB"
     Result.Value = 2            
     ' Accept the message
     Result.Value = 0 
  End If
End Sub

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