Experimental: hMailServer Remote Services...

This section contains scripts that hMailServer has contributed with. hMailServer 4 is needed to use these.
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Experimental: hMailServer Remote Services...

Post by stefans » 2008-09-05 22:43

Hi guys,

i´m just "ready" with my first "script" here, but i will publish it tomorrow :)

Actually it´s not a script - but a server and client console application for calling remote functions for your hMailServer. At the moment this application can stop the hMailServer service on a remote system/server whatever via ".net remoting". But you can easily add some other functions, maybe deleting some old messages - from your home personal computer. You mustn´t open a remote connection for example to do these administrative jobs.

At the moment this application has three main projects:

hMRSServer (hMailServerServicesServer ;) ): Must be run under your remote system!

hMRSLib: Conatains all functions like starting/stopping services...

hMRSClient: The client application. Of course i could write an graphical user interface for starting/stopping calling remote functions, but at the moment it´s a good old console app :)

Let me know if you are interesting in such a project - i would of course give you a download link for testing it :D

Written under vb.net - using VS2008 - compiled for framework 2.0, not 3.0 or 3.5.


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