user messages tab on domain, user section.

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do you want a user incoming email section?

Poll ended at 2007-05-01 07:56

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user messages tab on domain, user section.

Post by minsik » 2007-04-17 07:56

So we can see how many messages are to be collected, rightclick and then delete messages, usefull when there might be a large or corrupt message,
forward message, etc,

As admin we are often asked to check their email box for incoming messages, at this moment our existing server can do this as it uses a tree view of users where their parameters are set as welll as seeing the email box with their messages coming in and not collected yet.

Also the ability to see all messages qued for sending and the ability to sort in size or destination for example. We find someone will go overboard then send out massive video joke files and we can select and delete them if its holding up smaller and valid traffic. Even though there are strict company limits for personal use in file sizes etc there hasnt been the ability to restrict this in the server program (before hmailserver)

Anyway the main feature request id for user email section perhaps on a tab of the user details area?

Anyone else for this.
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Post by iprat » 2007-04-17 09:56

I think this feature would be something like "email browser in hMailAdmin".

We asked about this for being able to recover files from a backup in a single email basis some time ago.

Making a email browse engine probably isn't a simple task and then it must be well thought about, but I do vote yes for this kind of features, as it is not uncommon to be asked to recover a message from an account when the person is absent for a long time and the email is known to be business related.
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