4 a user in a domain, show mail uncollected,

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Request for a tab under Domain, user,for server messages currently in the server?

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4 a user in a domain, show mail uncollected,

Post by minsik » 2007-04-14 09:42

Hmainserver is very impressive but as admin we get called upon v freq by users, "please check my email box, xxx was expected but i aint got it yet", or "i keep gettting the same three messages over and over even though it says 10 messages available". (we are not using hmailserver currently but would like to in the future when the feature set sort of covers what we have now)

Currently with our email server program we can see the tree of users where each has properties like Hmail but we can also see the message list waiting to be collected by that user. If a dud email exists we can delete that, if an email is corrupt we can delete that message and our user and ourselves are happy. We can also select one of those messages and options to forward it, redirect it, delete it, and such like

There are somethings for and against (really only privacy issues) but from an admin and checking point of view to have a list of emails sitting on the server per person then the domain, the use of the user tabbed section would be where i would put it!

Instead of hunting into folders that have many empty ones and names that dont relate in any way to the original message or end recipient.

Yes i can see the email messages sitting to go out (ie undelivered) which this is very good as quite often we get dumbo users trying to email a large file to dozens of users! We want the ability to delete those and unclog the system to get normal emails flowing along.
( yes the users email box size feature would be good for that)
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Post by ^DooM^ » 2007-04-14 12:40

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Post by Slug » 2007-04-15 16:08

And the last post in that thread is the same person who started this one ...

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