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Post by martin » 2004-07-14 23:58

Have some screenshots for the backup/routing feature in 3.3. If you have the time, have a look at them and see if I have missed anything. The "objects" are currently called routes. If someone can come up with a better name of theese objects, i wouldn't mind changing it.. :)

A simple list over all routes defined on the server:

Settings for a specific route. Here you can specify the name of the domain (wildcards supported) and the target SMTP host/port. You can also specify how many times hMailServer should try to deliver to this server:

List over valid addresses (optional). If you know for sure, that the domain you are backupping only have a few valid accounts, you can specify them here. In this way, hMailServer won't accept emails for addresses that does not exist on the main mail server:

So it's not only backup you can do using "routes". If you know that an email server you often send to tend to be down a lot, you can add a route for this specific server and set the number of retries to 15. In this way, you can override the default number of retries for specific domains.

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Post by calvi » 2004-07-15 01:38


this looks great. My suggestions (some of which may already work?)

1. I would add it to the SMTP section rather than at the bottom.
2. The ability to add a route for all email ie, can you have one route to * so that hMailserver can relay all mail to say your ISP.
3. The ability to specify IP addresses as well as names.
4. Piriority order, say you want to send local mail to a local server and all other mail to your ISP so you can add....

local.domain > route to mail.local.domain
* > route to

5. I think retries should be a bit more layered - ref tracker #134.

My 2c worth.

John Calvi

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