IP Range like settings on a per domain/user level

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IP Range like settings on a per domain/user level

Post by cmurphy54 » 2005-07-26 23:45

IP Ranges are already confusing enough, but it would be nice if you could set IP Range like settings on a per domain/user basis.

That way, I could specify that for accounts in domain.com, they can use SMTP, but for accounts in domain2.com they can't.

IP Ranges would obviously take priority over the domain/user settings as they are refused earlier in the pipeline.

This is primarily useful if I have two or more domains and I want to restrict some number of them to only be accessible via webmail or don't want to allow some domains access to cpu-intensive IMAP.

Currently, the IP Range settings are too broad for this purpose; disabling SMTP for the Internet range effectively disables it for all domains.

While I could enter additional ranges to allow specific computers to connect to SMTP, if my user base for the allowed domain is also large, this isn't really practical.

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