Modify headers option for built-in Anti-Spam features

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Modify headers option for built-in Anti-Spam features

Post by cmurphy54 » 2005-07-14 21:20

It would be nice to have a feature so that optionally the built-in anti-spam options just added an additional header to the mail rather than reject the mail completely. Like "hMailServer-DNS-MX-Check: Failed"

Then, I could just have custom rules that moved all mails that failed the DNS-MX check or a particular blacklist to a Spam IMAP folder, just like I do with all my ASSP identified spam.

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Post by PeterK2003 » 2005-07-22 17:39

Sound like a good idea to me!!

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Post by p3 » 2005-07-22 18:05

Sounds good to me - I"ll use it!

Sometimes the users want the spam messages... but I want the other ones to be able to delete it... this will make it easier for them!!!

I'm all in favor...

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Post by fingers » 2006-01-01 06:40

The use of headers is to me the 'best' addition to all spam detectionas well rule based processing of these headers. RDNSbl, SPF etc Rejection of e-mail or refusal of connections will always lead to false positives and lost email, especially without a whitelisting method existing.
So yes i am for it..

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Post by rattenfanger » 2006-01-21 21:40

Yeah this would be a really nice feature!!!!
I also want to move my spam rather dan reject it :)

I don't think its much work; do you Martin?

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Post by martin » 2006-03-24 21:54

Here's my suggestion:

In the AntiSpam settings, there's should be two radio buttons:

If spam is detected:
O Delete the message
O Add headers

If you choose to delete the message, hMailServer will delete it...

If you choose to add headers, hMailServer will add two headers:

- Add X-hMailServer-Spam: Yes
- Add x-hMailServer-Spam-Reason: Sender domain is missing MX records (for example)

Would be nice if hMaiServer had a system for calculating points for messages. So if the sender domain is missing MX records, hMailServer adds 1 point. If the sender IP is found in a DNS BL, it adds another. Then if the number of points reaches X, hMailServer would consider it to be spam. But that's a bit outside the scope of this feature..

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Post by Slug » 2006-03-25 16:13

Missing Hmailserver ... Now running Debian servers

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Post by ajw » 2006-05-09 06:25

Absolutely! I won't allow auto-deletion because of false positives. Instead I filter them in my mailreader to different folders: "maybe spam" "probably spam" "almost positively spam" :)

- Al Weiner -

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