SVN and Bill48105 post ...

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SVN and Bill48105 post ...

Post by sbouli » 2012-06-22 10:54


At one time in past, I did create a hmailserver project hooked up by svn with :

but I am not sure that this version is uptodate with Bill48105 change or if I have to manually get the dump from the forum post ....

And just to make sure, I will have to first install this version : ... oad_latest

and then switch the /bin folder of this install with the one in the svn /trunk/build/bin

that is if I understood correctly the post ... 10&t=21420)
In fact, I doubt is the download_latest already got the last change of the SVN or not ... sorry for those silly questions ....


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Re: SVN and Bill48105 post ...

Post by ^DooM^ » 2012-06-22 11:01

hMailServer-5.4-B1942.exe (released 2012-05-04) is the latest in SVN. I have asked Martin to release it as stable.
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Re: SVN and Bill48105 post ...

Post by Bill48105 » 2012-06-22 15:42

As DooM says B1942 includes everything in SVN. It is latest official release. My 'experimental' builds includes all the SVN changes and possibly others depending on build date & which official build you compare to, you'd need to compare dates & svn logs vs my log to know. I am pretty sure my latest build is essentially same as B1942 but have not been able to confirm with martin. I've been working on a few new features that are in my local copy but I have not posted a build yet.

If you are already on 5.4 you may not need to install B1942 if you plan to use your own build.. Path you'd take would depend on what you have now & what your plan is so hard to say really. But no database changes have happened since 1st 5.4 alpha so should be able to just drop in BIN files or install B1942 to have latest official.
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