hMailServer 4.1 - Build 132 (Alpha)

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hMailServer 4.1 - Build 132 (Alpha)

Post by martin » 2005-07-27 13:50

New build available here: ... ld-132.exe

Only two small changes have been made to the installation, and for people already using 4.1 build 131 there's no need to update.

Please note that this version has not been much tested yet. You should not install it on a server where you run in "production" since it may not work properly.

The following things have been changed:

* HM20, Feature
When upgrading from pre-4.0, the installation program copies hMailServer.ini from the Windows directory to the bin directory. But it leaves a copy of hMailServer.ini in the Windows directory, which may cause confusion. From this build, after the installatoin program has copied the file from the Windows directory to the Bin directory, it renames the old file to hMailServer.ini.old.

* HM19, Feature
Installation program now remembers whether you're using internal or external database. So the next time you install, you do not have to select it again.

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