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Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 12:54
by bescher
I have installed Hmail and have been using it for over a month after using other mail servers for the last 14 years including argosoft for the last 8.
I had version 4 installed and then we installed version 5 for the built in ssl features (another story that David Fitch my explain the issues)

last weekend all of a sudden I noticed that i was not receiving any messages that originated from me. I have a mailing list server on a Linux so in responding to the mailing list I noticed it. I then tried sending messages to myself. It wouldn't work. I am using ewall in front of hmail and I have a filter in ewall that sends each message to a folder (for backup reasons) The mail went there and I believe the mail got sent to the data folder as well. But the mail client does not pick it up (this is on the mail server. I then tried to send mail to myself using 3 other mail clients on different machines and it did not work. Any ideas

Bob Escher

Re: Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 14:14
by ^DooM^
Best bet is to enable logging, send yourself an email and post the log here please.

Also V5 is still in Alpha.

Re: Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 17:06
by DFitch
Hi Doom,

He just has some very strange happenings there, HEHE!

I've had him have logging on from the start, nothing even shows up, when he uses outlook express on the server. (This problem is only happening when he sends to himself or his distro list).

When he uses Outlook on the server, it works fine. When he uses outlook express on his other comps, they work as well.

Since outlook express did work before my thinking is something got corrupted in it. Sending and recieving work fine when he doesn't send to himself. (We've tried using settings for both his eWall and hMail alone and nothing so far)


Re: Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 17:56
by ^DooM^
That is bizarre, you'd expect it to either work or fail completely. Do you have any rules (account/global) setup that could prohibit this behaviour maybe deleteing email from a certain address or moving to an alternate email address?

Re: Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 18:01
by DFitch
Tell me about it...

No he doesn't have any rules setup. He has eWall filter everything, but like i mentioned I even took eWall out of the picture and just used hMail and still no luck.

Re: Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 18:05
by ^DooM^
So outlook works OE does not on the same PC and OE works externally. Can you try thunderbird on the same machine and see if that works? If it does then I think this has to be an OE issue.

Any filters or rules setup in Outlook express?

Re: Receiving Mail

Posted: 2008-06-27 19:39
by bescher
Thanks for all the replies.
I will try thunderbird.
But what is even stranger I went into OE and deleted the account, restarted the system. redded
the account and it was the same. I ended up using outlook which I don't like because it has to use OE
for newsgroups so your opening another program.