Difficulty Configuring Script for Attachment Blocking

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Difficulty Configuring Script for Attachment Blocking

Post by sindhuagarwal » 2023-11-11 09:34

I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently facing an issue while attempting to configure a script for attachment blocking in hMailServer. I've followed the guidelines in the documentation, especially in the Scripting and User-submitted tutorials sections, but I'm encountering unexpected challenges.
The goal is to create a script that effectively blocks attachments within .zip files. However, despite following the provided examples, the script doesn't seem to be functioning as expected. If anyone has experience with scripting in hMailServer and has successfully implemented a similar attachment blocking mechanism, I'd greatly appreciate your guidance.

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Re: Difficulty Configuring Script for Attachment Blocking

Post by jimimaseye » 2023-11-11 11:05


Also see the link in my signature for clamav+sanesecurity - that solution does this very well too.

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