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by tweakerbee
2005-03-07 18:24
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: Enable ClamAv Scanning of Compressed Attachments
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Make it optional. That way the user can decide for himself if he wants to 'waste' CPU cycles on it.
by tweakerbee
2005-03-07 18:18
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: Outlook Dates
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Confirmed here for several versions of hMail4.

TB displays the correct date.
This also occurs when copying a file.
by tweakerbee
2005-03-06 14:37
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: IMAP per User
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Maybe even set preferences for SMTP/POP3/IMAP per user?
by tweakerbee
2005-03-03 15:54
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: hMailServer 4.0 - Build 84 (Alpha)
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If hMailServer was already installed you should use one of the registry files located in the \hMailServer\Addons\Service dependencies folder.
After double click & install it should work. (Mine did.)

If you had already done this, my apologies.
by tweakerbee
2005-03-02 04:08
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: 1 message in two folders
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I have copied more than 800 messages using alpha 80, and found no problem using thunderbird 1.0. (Both internally, and from other IMAP accounts.)

Outlook Express does fail to display proper dates/times, but I suppose it's oe related because TB1.0 does not exibit this behaviour, nor does SquirrelMail.
by tweakerbee
2005-03-02 04:06
Forum: Off-topic discussions
Topic: Anyone using AVG Free as an external virusscanner?
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Martin, No offence, but I think it should work the old fashioned way (with %1) if you call it with parenthesis from hMailServer. So instead of just calling C:\yourFile.cmd C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Temp\tempname.tmp you could try C:\yourFile.cmd "C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Temp\tempname.tmp" Th...
by tweakerbee
2005-03-01 14:50
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Periodically Fetching External POP3
Replies: 7
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Have you read the above two topics? They have sufficient information on how martin is not going to implement such a thing. pop -> smtp is a weird thing to use for businesses anyway. For home/small business users the normal fetching should be sufficient. Maybe the filters can be modified to process t...
by tweakerbee
2005-03-01 14:47
Forum: Off-topic discussions
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Maybe it's your grammer. :) should point to squirrelmail?
by tweakerbee
2005-03-01 13:50
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: hMailServer 4.0 - Build 82 (Alpha)
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reboot bug still there

I don't know if you realize, but the reboot bug is still there.
When you get that one out I'm ready to migrate from the dying old Hamster server to hMailServer (4). (Need POP3 fetching support.)

As for mirb:
try using lowercase, e.g.

by tweakerbee
2005-02-28 19:34
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: hMailServer 4.0 - Build 80 (Alpha)
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I have the same problem here with 4.0-build80 with services not automatically restarting. After manual restart it works fine again. Could it be that the database server is not up, and therefore the hMailServer dies? However, hMailAdmin works fine. Also the delete options for POP3 fetching are invert...