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by monster
2005-06-17 08:05
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: HTMLBody property
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i'm in with you guys. count me in. :D
by monster
2005-06-17 08:01
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: Footer - Discalimer
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i agree w/ you martin. this much easier than re-writting the hmail. how ever this one only works in text mail format not in html format. :D see : In hMailServer 4.0, it's extremly easy to do this using scripting. All you need to do is to put the...
by monster
2005-02-26 18:51
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: Password Option
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Password Option

Dear Martin, Perhaps it better if the administrator has an option in password administration. Maybe put some check box that indicate to encrypt or just used plain text password. i'm a user of hmail since 2002. and my current version is 3.3 build 56. i had a problem regarding the md5 encrypt. you kno...