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by TopCoder
2016-06-13 20:35
Forum: User-submitted tutorials
Topic: HOW TO: How Can I Stop My Emails Going In To Spam Folders
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Re: HOW TO: How Can I Stop My Emails Going In To Spam Folders

Can you add to this guide that when hotmail goes to spam to check your outgoing IP on Hotmail uses Symantec as part of their filtering, from my experience it's one of the main culprits, but no one ever talks about it. You won't catch this on multi or any oth...
by TopCoder
2016-06-13 16:39
Forum: General discussions
Topic: MX-Query
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Re: MX-Query

@regsysinc I know this is a few days old, but anyway, I checked your DNS Here: MX Records - Because it allows you to query different DNS Servers, even though you got your MX Issue Resolved. I just wanted to caution you, when you flip to the PTR Record Tab, even though you have a PTR record set up, i...
by TopCoder
2016-06-06 02:10
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Weak ciphers ECDHE_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA
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Re: Weak ciphers ECDHE_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA

The easiest way to remove all unwanted ciphers on windows is with IISCrypto. It's free, most awesome tool ever made for handling this.
by TopCoder
2013-08-07 19:45
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Send Mail Issue
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Re: Send Mail Issue

The good thing with the blacklists, is that a lot of them mirror one another.. Don't submit for removal from their list until you get the rDNS fixed. If you cry wolf too many times then you won't be able to remove yourself. Also I checked your whitelists here: Whitelist Checker Put in your IP Addres...
by TopCoder
2013-08-04 04:20
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Can not send email!
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Re: Can not send email!

When you say Static IP? Do you mean one provided by your internet provide and you are trying to host your mail server at your house? Theirs a lot of internet providers that don't allow the use of outgoing Port 25, in the US where I'm from, AT&T and Comcast don't allow it. so run this command.. C:\Us...
by TopCoder
2013-08-03 18:09
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Problem with DKIM signature
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Re: Problem with DKIM signature

I had problems like this before in the past and sometimes I had to restart my server for the software to pick up the domain key change settings. Did you try resetting your server? You do have the reverse point DNS issue off your MX server as intodns pointed out. I like the fact that you have both TY...
by TopCoder
2012-09-25 16:29
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Help with MX records (i think)
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Re: Help with MX records (i think)

Lapta, I checked your MX Records You should really change the pref from 0 to 10. I heard of people having issues with having a 0 Preference status. Also you can check your configuration completely by sending an email to mailtest [at] unlock the inbox [dot] com , it will autorespond with your results...
by TopCoder
2012-08-29 16:28
Forum: General discussions
Topic: MX Records problems
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Re: MX Records problems

I scanned your MX record ports, It shows port 25 being open and I can telnet to it and it does accept mail.

You can see port 25 is open here on your MX record
by TopCoder
2012-08-21 20:56
Forum: General discussions
Topic: DMARC issues when forwarding mail
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Re: DMARC issues when forwarding mail

You're not going to be able to get around the issue, unless implements SRS when forwarding emails. If you look here Facebookmail Dmarc Record The policy is set to reject, if it was set to "none" then that would work also. So you have two options, SRS needs to be implemented on forwa...
by TopCoder
2012-02-17 22:45
Forum: General discussions
Topic: proper way to setup email
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Re: proper way to setup email

I use Unlock The Inbox every-time I set up a new email server.

They have the same type of email authentication that auto responds with your results, just send an email to "mailtest [at] unlock the inbox [dot] com". They also have DMARC Results.