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by stebie
2005-06-16 01:27
Forum: Development & alpha discussions
Topic: Mail going in circles, pegging CPU at 100%
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The 127.0/8 IP range (so, is considered local/loopback. The localhost name resolves to to, which makes us think it's the only IP used for loopback. If you ping on your local machine, you will see very quick ping replies - <10ms. Other ways to confirm th...
by stebie
2004-08-31 16:25
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: Serverwide SMTP authentication
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I was going to submit practically the same request, until I saw this post. My idea was focused around more of a server-level SMTP authentication requirement option, but as well having domain-level and/or IP-level settings. The domain/IP level could then be set to 'SMTP authentication required', 'SMT...