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by stefans
2008-09-18 20:08
Forum: Scripting
Topic: VBScript execution error by account rule - OnAcceptMessage(o
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Re: VBScript execution error by account rule - OnAcceptMessage(o

Hi, what happens, when you change the first to lines to: Set sPhone = oMessage.HeaderValue ("To") Set sMessage = oMessage.HeaderValue ("Subject") Stefan EDIT: Can you give us more details about your used message titles? For example Hello World would course an error, because of the whitespace ;)
by stefans
2008-09-16 19:35
Forum: Scripting
Topic: C# - friendly
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Re: C# - friendly

Hi, i am also doing some experimental things with hmailserver in .net - you might have read my post about calling remote functions (starting/stopping the hmailserver service on a remote system). I am not sure what you want to develop, but as i understand you correctly you would write a .net based "t...
by stefans
2008-09-10 20:48
Forum: Archived feature requests
Topic: Software Request: FTP Server!
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Re: Software Request: FTP Server!

Hi mack,

i´m a developer, sounds very interesting to develop a ftp server in .net for me. If you´re interested in, i could help you :) Just write a pm or mail :D

by stefans
2008-09-09 20:14
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Need help with mySQL query to clear a large mailbox
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Re: Need help with mySQL query to clear a large mailbox

Hi, i can confirm that - but this "problem" does only occur with imported messages ( on my mailserer) i used outlook express on my windows server to import all mail messages from another imap account: these imported messages have no 'messagefrom' value in my database. But all new mails (not the impo...
by stefans
2008-09-05 22:43
Forum: User contributed hMailServer 4 scripts
Topic: Experimental: hMailServer Remote Services...
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Experimental: hMailServer Remote Services...

Hi guys, i´m just "ready" with my first "script" here, but i will publish it tomorrow :) Actually it´s not a script - but a server and client console application for calling remote functions for your hMailServer. At the moment this application can stop the hMailServer service on a remote system/serv...
by stefans
2008-09-04 22:05
Forum: Scripting
Topic: How To Capture Errors in ASP
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Re: How To Capture Errors in ASP


try to use that:

Code: Select all

Function CreateAccount
On Error Goto Error_Log

CreateAccount = True
Exit Function

CreateAccount = False
Exit Sub
by stefans
2008-09-03 22:35
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Server Log export
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Re: Server Log export

Hi, you could your use an own visual basic script for that; i found a small script that can delete log files after a specific time period [1]. I didn´t use vbs for a long time, but the .net Framework give you some great functions for copying files / deleting files, just have a look at ;) A...
by stefans
2008-09-03 22:05
Forum: General discussions
Topic: data migration
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Re: data migration

Hi, as i could read in the documentation: However, this tool is designed only to work in very small installations with less than 1GB data What about using other tools instead of the built-in feature? Maybe you can create a zip archive of your files, then unzip it on your other server. Maybe that cou...
by stefans
2008-09-02 21:45
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Using remote MSSQL Server
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Using remote MSSQL Server

Hi, maybe it has been discussed here in forum, but if you get the following error message during the database configuring dialog: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Invalid Instance()).] Then you should do the following "hack"; I "only" used my remote ip address, but you have to type the instance name of yo...