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by JasonMcFeetors
2005-09-21 18:34
Forum: User contributed hMailServer 4 scripts
Topic: Add Users and Aliases from CSV
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Add Users and Aliases from CSV

While I was setting up my new mail server, I wrote this script to create the users and aliases. You simply put all of the users and the aliases into a CSV file and run the script. Once it finishes, all of your users and aliases should be created for you. Option Explicit Dim obBaseApp Dim objFSO Dim ...
by JasonMcFeetors
2005-09-21 17:14
Forum: Scripting
Topic: Script to create user account?
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Add Users Script

Here is the code I created for adding a user to hMailServer. It is written in vbscript: Option Explicit Dim obBaseApp Dim objFSO Dim objTextFile Dim strNewUser,i Const ForReading = 1 Set obBaseApp = CreateObject("hMailServer.Application") Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set o...
by JasonMcFeetors
2005-06-29 21:48
Forum: General discussions
Topic: SSL Pop3
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Re: SSL via stunnel openssl-0.9.7c.tar.gz Install openssl if you need to create the private key and public certificate. If you already have a certificated and key (make a .pem file with the key first, a blank line, then then cert and a blank line), then just unzip the ...
by JasonMcFeetors
2005-06-23 22:24
Forum: General discussions
Topic: User Feedback
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User Feedback

We are looking at using hMailServer in our production environment but the managers would like to get some honest feedback from some other companies that are using hMailServer as their primary e-mail server. If you would be willing to talk to me about your experiences with hMailServer, please leave m...