The following list shows the 50 most requested hMailServer features. This list is the basis for future hMailServer planning. Voting is done in the hMailServer end-user forum. You must register in the forum to be able to vote. Registration is free.

User mailbox editing96 requests
Domain /Email address blacklist [70%]86 requests
SNMP Support67 requests
Different retry times for smtp delivery [90%]61 requests
Support for ETRN and ATRN [90%]59 requests
Per-domain SMTP host name59 requests
Better queue processing [90%]56 requests
On-Demand IMAP of External Accounts with IDLE/PUSH55 requests
Add clustering support45 requests
Limit Outgoing emails by either User or Domains [50%]45 requests
User-defined flags (IMAP keywords)43 requests
Bandwidth Logging40 requests
Automatic whitelisting of local to external recpients37 requests
disable graylisting for routes37 requests
Negative Spam Score [90%]35 requests
Rule increase spam score35 requests
BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) Check35 requests
Per Account SPAM options [70%]32 requests
Automatic Cleanup [70%]32 requests
show account size30 requests
Support for sieve protocol in hMailServer29 requests
Load Balancing29 requests
imap THREADS28 requests
Autoban on breaching spam delete threshold27 requests
Use External SMTP Server only when direct delivery failed26 requests
A user friendly way to add alias accounts26 requests
A default SPF entry if a domain doesn't have one [90%]25 requests
Shared Calendar ( outlook )25 requests
LDAP24 requests
Greylist - Whitelist by Reverse Hostmask23 requests
SRS - Sender Rewriting Scheme23 requests
Spam check envelope sender and from address for match22 requests
Conditional Vacation Replies [50%]22 requests
Logs for Spam and virus detection.22 requests
Email count for each user21 requests
Status Monitor Client20 requests
Autoreply Start Date20 requests
Still show the spamscore in the headers19 requests
Control send IP address19 requests
Support RFC1891 (Delivery Status Notification or DSN)18 requests
Daily Report to Postmaster or other mail18 requests
undeliverable messages warning18 requests
SPAM - Spam scoring for inbound emails with no account18 requests
Detailed Log Files18 requests
Comment fields18 requests
Internal Backup With Messages but without EML Files17 requests
per account whitelist17 requests
Old log files automatic purge [70%]17 requests
Rules improvement in functionality and user interface17 requests
Anti-virus Test button17 requests

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