Manually set hMailServer language


In the hMailServer installation, only two languages are included - swedish and english. It is however possible to configure hMailServer to use a range of other languages.

What translations are available?

To see what translations are available, go to the hMailServer Translation Status page. The page shows you a list of languages and the amount of the user interface which has been translated to this language. The translation to several languages are incomplete to 100%. This means that some parts of the user interface will still be shown in english. For instance, if only 70% of the user interface is translated, 30% of the user interface will be shown in english.

It's recommended not to use a translation unless than more than 97% of the user interface is translated. While there are no technical problems with using a language which is only partially translated, it may be confusing when some strings are in one language and other strings in another language.

How do I install a new translation?

In the future this functionality is likely to be built-in into hMailServer Administrator, but at the moment it's a manual process.

  1. Go to the hMailServer Translation Status page and select the translation you want to use.
  2. When you see the list of all translated strings, select all of them and copy them to the clip board. 
  3. Start Notepad, and paste all the strings into that program.
  4. Save the file in the hMailServer Languages directory, typically C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Languages. Name the file <language>.ini, for example italian.ini or german.ini. The file should be saved in Unicode format.
  5. Open hMailServer.ini, typically located under C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Bin.
  6. Locate the line which contains ValidLanguages=english,swedish and add italian to this line. Notice that every language is separated by comma. For example:
  7. Restart the hMailServer service.

Now the hMailServer service is aware of the, in this example, italian translation.


How do I use the new translation?

In hMailServer Administrator, choose Select language from the File menu.

To configure WebAdmin to use this language, specify it in the WebAdmin config file, config.php.

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