DCOM permissions


By default, IIS6 is not allowed to connect to hMailServer because of the Distributed COM permissions that Windows uses. Also, Apache run as a user account with restricted permissions is not allowed to connect by default.


Follow these steps to give IIS or Apache the required permissions to connect to hMailServer using DCOM.

  1. Start DCOM config by selecting Start, Run, enter dcomcnfg.exe and press OK.
  2. In the Component Services program, expand the Component Services folder
  3. Expand down to Computers | My Computer | DCOM Config
  4. Right-click on hMailServer and select properties
  5. Select the Security tab
  6. Under "Launch and Activation Permissions", select Customize and click on Edit
  7. Under "Group or user names", click Add
  8. For IIS6: add the built-in anonymous IIS user account
  9. For Apache: add the Apache user account
  10. Set the Local Launch and Local Activation permissions for this user to Allow

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