Settings object


The Settings object is the root-object for all hMailServer settings which are not related to a specific domain.


SetAdministratorPassword(string newVal)

Set main hMailServer Administration password

SetSMTPRelayerPassword(string newVal)

Set SMTP relayer password


bool AddDeliveredToHeader

Determines whether a Delivered-To header should be added to incoming messages.

bool AllowIncorrectLineEndings

Allow mail with incorrect line endings (missing CR or LF).

bool AllowSMTPAuthPlain

Allow plain SMTP authentication.

AntiSpam AntiSpam

AntiSpam settings

AntiVirus AntiVirus

AntiVirus Settings.

Gets the backup settings object

Cache Cache

Cache settings

string DefaultDomain

Domain to use if domain has not been specified when user logs on.

bool DenyMailFromNull

Deny mail with empty sender address.

Directories Directories

Directory settings

bool DisconnectInvalidClients

Disconnect clients not following the RFCs

Groups Groups

A collection of groups.

string HostName

Gets or sets the host name hMailServer identifies itself with.

bool IMAPACLEnabled

Enable the IDLE ACL extension.

bool IMAPIdleEnabled

Enable the IDLE IMAP extension.

string IMAPPublicFolderName

The name of the public folder when IMAP is used.

bool IMAPQuotaEnabled

Enable the QUOTA IMAP extension.

bool IMAPSortEnabled

Enable the SORT IMAP extension.

Logging Logging

Gets the logging interface.

long MaxDeliveryThreads

The maximum number of SMTP delivery threads.

long MaxIMAPConnections

Maximum number of simultaneous IMAP connections.

long MaxMessageSize

The maximum message size when sending from this server.

long MaxNumberOfInvalidCommands

Maximum number of invalid client commands before disconnect.

long MaxPOP3Connections

Gets or sets the maximum number of simultaneous POP3 connections.

long MaxSMTPConnections

Gets or sets the maximum number of simultaneous SMTP connections.

long MaxSMTPRecipientsInBatch

Maximum number of SMTP recipients in batch during delivery.

string MirrorEMailAddress

A copy of all e-mails are sent to the address.

string PublicFolderDiskName

The name of the folder on disk in which public folders are stored.

IMAPFolders PublicFolders

Public folders

Routes Routes

Routes collection.

long RuleLoopLimit

The maximum number of times a message can be processed by rules.

Scripting Scripting

Script settings

SecurityRanges SecurityRanges

Security ranges.

bool SendStatistics

Gets or sets whether statistics should be sent to

ServerMessages ServerMessages

Server messages

bool ServiceIMAP

Enable IMAP service.

bool ServicePOP3

Enable POP3 service.

bool ServiceSMTP

Enable SMTP service.

string SMTPDeliveryBindToIP

TCP/IP address to bind to when delivering messages to remote hosts.

long SMTPMinutesBetweenTry

Number of minutes between each try when delivering an e-mail.

long SMTPNoOfTries

Number of retries when SMTP server delivers an e-mail.

string SMTPRelayer

Fixed relaying server.

long SMTPRelayerPort

Fixed relaying server port.

bool SMTPRelayerRequiresAuthentication

SMTP relayer requires authentication

string SMTPRelayerUsername

SMTP relayer username

bool SMTPRelayerUseSSL

Determines whether SSL should be used when delivering to the relay server.

SSLCertificates SSLCertificates

SSL certificates.


TCP/IP ports to be used.

long TCPIPThreads

Number of TCP/IP-threads (for communication) to run.

bool UseDeliveryLog

Use the delivery log.

string UserInterfaceLanguage

User interface language

string WelcomeIMAP

Welcome message for IMAP server.

string WelcomePOP3

Welcome message for POP3 server.

string WelcomeSMTP

Welcome message for SMTP server.

long WorkerThreadPriority

Priority to give to worker threads.

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