IMAPFolderPermission object


The IMAPFolderPermission represents a single permission attached to an IMAP folder.



Deletes the object from the database.


Saves changes of the object in the database.


Account Account

Gets the account referenced by this permission.

Group Group

Gets the group referenced by this permission.

long ID

The unique database identifier for the ACL permission.

bool Permission(eACLPermission iType)

ACL permission

long PermissionAccountID

The identifier of the account this ACL permission is connected to.

long PermissionGroupID

The identifier of the group this ACL permission is connected to.

eACLPermissionType PermissionType

The type of object this ACL permission is connected to.

long ShareFolderID

The folder which has been shared (read-only)

long Value

The ACL permission value.

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