FetchAccount object


The fetch account object represents one external account which hMailServer downloads email messages from.



Deletes the object from the database.


Performs an download now.


Saves the object in the database.


long AccountID

The account that this fetch account is connected to.

long DaysToKeepMessages

The number of days to keep messages on the external server.

bool Enabled

The fetch account is enabled.

long ID


long MinutesBetweenFetch

The number of minutes to wait between every download.

string Name

The name of the fetch account.

string NextDownloadTime

Next download attempt

string Password

The password to use when logging on the external server.

long Port

The TCP/IP port hMailServer should connect to.

bool ProcessMIMEDate

Read receive date in Received header.

bool ProcessMIMERecipients

Read message recipients from To/CC headers.

string ServerAddress

The POP3 server address hMailServer should connect to.

long ServerType

The type of server, only POP3 at the moment.

string Username

The user name to use when logging on the external server.

bool UseSSL

Use SSL for external account.

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