AntiSpam object


The AntiSpam object contains all server-wide settings related to anti-spam.



Clear greylisting triplets.


bool AddHeaderReason

Add header X-hMailServer-Reason when spam message is found.

bool AddHeaderSpam

Add header X-hMailServer-Spam when spam message is found.

bool CheckHostInHelo

Check host specified in HELO command.

long CheckHostInHeloScore

Check host specified in HELO command (SpamScore).

DNSBlackLists DNSBlackLists

Antispam: DNS black lists collection.

bool GreyListingEnabled

Use grey listing.

long GreyListingFinalDelete

GreyListing - Delete used triplet after this time (hours).

long GreyListingInitialDelay

GreyListing - Delay before accepting messages (minutes).

long GreyListingInitialDelete

GreyListing - Delete unused triplet after this time (hours).

GreyListingWhiteAddresses GreyListingWhiteAddresses

White list for greylisting.

long MaximumMessageSize

Maximum message size to run anti-spam on.

bool PrependSubject

Prepend message subject.

string PrependSubjectText

Text to prepend to message subject.

bool SpamAssassinEnabled

Antispam: Enable SpamAssassin integration

string SpamAssassinHost

Antispam: SpamAssassin host name

bool SpamAssassinMergeScore

Antispam: Merge score from SpamAssassin.

long SpamAssassinPort

Antispam: SpamAssassin port

long SpamAssassinScore

Antispam: SpamAssassin (score).

long SpamDeleteThreshold

Spam delete threshold

long SpamMarkThreshold

Spam mark threshold

SURBLServers SURBLServers

SURBL servers collection.

long TarpitCount

Tarpit count.

long TarpitDelay

Tarpit delay.

bool UseMXChecks

Antispam: Use MX checks.

long UseMXChecksScore

Antispam: Use MX checks (score).

bool UseSPF

Antispam: Use SPF.

long UseSPFScore

Antispam: Use SPF (score).

WhiteListAddresses WhiteListAddresses

Global white list.

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