It is possible to specify an email address that receives all emails being sent to non-existent addresses on your domain. For example, you may have, and as existing accounts. But there's a risk that someone might misspell an email address, writing instead of

The solution is to specify an account - either a previously existing one, or one created for the purpose - to be the catch-all account. All email sent to non-existent addresses on the domain will then be delivered to the catch-all account.


  1. Start hMailAdmin
  2. Expand the Domains node and select the domain, say,
  3. Create a new account with the name
  4. Select your domain, and enter as catch-all address
  5. Save the changes


  • The catch-all address can be any email address you like. It does not have to be strictly of the form
  • The catch-all address does not have to belong to an account on your domain or even on hMailServer. You can forward messages to external servers.
  • If you want hMailServer to reject any messages sent to non-existent addresses in your domain, you should not specify a catch-all address.

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