hMailServer backups are made by the hMailServer service. When you choose to start a backup in hMailServer Administrator, hMailServer Administrator connects to the hMailServer service using the COM API, and tells the hMailServer service to start a backup. Because of this, the hMailServer service must be running when a backup is being made.

The built-in backup functionality is designed for small installations. If you have more than 50 accounts or 10 000 messages on the server, we strongly recommend that you use external tools to perform the backup.

A backup file made in a specific version cannot be restored in a different version. For example, you can not restore a backup created by 4.2 in 4.3.

Backup to network drives

For a backup to be successful, the hMailServer service must have permission to write to the path you have specified as backup destination.

If the backup destination is a network drive, you must ensure that the hMailServer service has permissions to write to this drive. Normally, you will have to change the Log-on account for the hMailServer service before backing up to a network drive. This is done in the service settings in the Windows control panel

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