hMailServer Change log

5.1 Alpha Build 327 (2009-02-02)

  • hMailServer now supports DKIM. Signing options are available in the domain settings and verification options in the anti-spam settings.
  • The "Forwarding relay" option is no longer a setting in IP ranges but instead stored separately as "Incoming relays". The settings are found next to the IP ranges in hMailServer Administrator and WebAdmin. This change was made partly because the term "Forwarding relay" was a bit confusing and partly to improve performance.
  • In the external account settings, there's now options to enable Anti-spam and Anti-virus. In earlier versions, the IP range configuration was used to determine whether or not Anti-spam or Anti-virus should be run for external accounts.
  • In IP ranges, you can now specify an expiration time when the IP range will be automatically removed by hMailServer.
  • It's now possible to auto-ban users after a number of failed logon attempts. When a user is auto-banned, an IP range matching his IP address is created which prevents the client from connecting again. By default, a user who fails to log on 3 times within 30 minutes will have his IP address banned for 60 minutes.
  • In IP ranges, it's no longer possible to select Require authentication for deliveries to local account or Require authentication for deliveries to external accounts. Instead, there is a single option named Require SMTP authentication. When this option is selected, local users must authenticate prior to sending an email.
  • The layout in WebAdmin has been changed to a tab-based system. This makes the user interface less cluttered.
  • If you're doing a new installation, the installation program will ask you whether you want to use the built-in database or an external one. If you're upgrading, the installation program will assume you want to keep the current database and not ask you about it.

5.0 Beta Build 326 (2009-01-28)

  • When changes to messages were made in a public folder, other users weren't always informed.

5.0 Beta Build 325 (2009-01-21)

  • An error was shown when displaying SMTP settings in WebAdmin.

5.0 Beta Build 324 (2009-01-19)

  • The Database Delivery Log function has been removed and replaced by a script, found in the User contributed scripts section of the online forum.
  • In the scripting event OnAcceptMessage, the oClient.Port number returned the port the client was connecting from, rather than the port it was connecting to.

5.0 Beta Build 323 (2009-01-08)

  • hMailServers response to the IMAP list command did not properly include namespace.

5.0 Beta Build 322 (2009-01-07)

  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to 0.9.8j which fixes a spoofing issue (

5.0 Beta Build 321 (2009-01-02)

  • It wasn't possible to display messages having an attachment with file names containing specific character.

5.0 Beta Build 320 (2008-12-29)

  • When selecting "Download now" in an external account, any changes made to the external account configuration after the latest save was not used.
  • When configuring hMailServer to connect to another server using SSL, it's now possible to enable verification of peer certificate (via certificate authority).

5.0 Beta Build 319 (2008-12-23)

  • The server could in some cases crash when resolving invalid DNS records.

5.0 Beta Build 318 (2008-12-16)

  • If the MySQL client is not available, a better error message is now shown to the user.
  • It wasn't possible to give IMAP folder permission to "Anyone".
  • A new version of OpenSSL is included (0.9.8i).
  • The "Maximum number of invalid commands" in the SMTP settings now applies to logon failures as well, which means that the setting can be used to limit the number of invalid SMTP auth attempts. This is no complete solution though, since the user can simply reconnect and continue trying.
  • If an IMAP client did not have permission to modify message flags but tried to do it, no error was reported to the user (the request was silently ignored).

5.0 Beta Build 317 (2008-12-14)

  • Trying to select a user in the IMAP permissions dialog before adding any domains or users resulted in an error message.
  • Forwarding messages using rules sometimes failed.

5.0 Beta Build 316 (2008-12-13)

  • Performance improvements (slightly reduced memory usage).
  • HELO-host spam check gave false positive when using a forwarding relay.
  • When deleting an IMAP folder, notifications about new messages weren't always sent.
  • If a POP3 mailbox was larger than 2GB, the size wasn't reported properly in the POP3 communication. (It's not known whether this causes any issues).

5.0 Beta Build 315 (2008-12-09)

  • Improvements have been made to the database scripts to speed up upgrades of large databases.
  • If the InnoSetup flag /VERYSILENT is passed to the setup executable, hMailServer Administrator will no longer be started after the installation is done. (Issue 153)
  • If the database delivery log was enabled, a warning was shown when opening up the SMTP settings.
  • The "Move up" and "Move down" buttons were missing in the rule list.
  • In version 4, forwarding was performed after account level rules. In V5, this ordering was changed. It's now changed back to the v4-order to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • WebAdmin now contains a version check which confirms that the WebAdmin version matches the hMailServer version.
  • SMTP: When hMailServer rejected messges, a non-standard SMTP error code was used. While this shouldn't cause any problems, a standard error code is now used instead (Issue 155).
  • IMAP: If a folder was shared, expunge notifications weren't sent properly between clients.

5.0 Beta Build 314 (2008-11-27)

hMailServer Administrator:

  • The "value"-part of a "Set header field" action wasn't saved.

Server core:

  • Performance improvements when adding a large number of accounts (> 10000).
  • When appending a new message to a public folder, the message wasn't stored properly. (Only affected new message, not message copy)
  • Sometimes when copying messages between public folders, other clients weren't notified properly.
  • When changing the number of delivery threads, a restart of the server is no longer needed for the change to take effect.
  • Enabling the cache did not take effect until server restart.
  • When changing the cache TTL, the hit rate information is now reset so that you can correctly see the effect your change has.
  • SMTP: Error on QUIT causes duplicate messages (Bug 147).
  • The Received-header in email messages no longer contains the With hMailServer-text (change made to improve security)

5.0 Beta Build 313 (2008-11-13)

  • In the Rule criteria dialog, it's now possible to test whether a specific value will match the criteria. This makes it easier to create, for example, regular expressions.
  • SURBL tests missed URLs which were split onto more than one line.
  • After Anti-Spam has been run, the debug log now contains the score returned by the different spam protection mechanisms.
  • Security vulnerability SA32597 has been fixed.

5.0 Beta Build 312 (2008-11-08)

  • The folder list sometimes included a linefeed, which caused Thunderbird to crash. (Thanks DFitch!)
  • Sometimes Outlook gave the error message "The uid of a message changed unexpectedly". A workaround which may solve this issue has been implemented.

5.0 Beta Build 310 (2008-11-03)

  • If a domain had a MX record with a host name, and that host name didn't have a DNS/A record, the SPF anti spam mechanism reported a false positive.
  • The #public folder was not included in the LIST response, making it invisible in some clients. (The sub folders were included in the LIST response)
  • The ini file setting DNSBLChecksAfterMailFrom now works. It was removed during the re-design of the spam protection but have been added again.
  • When a public IMAP folder was deleted by an IMAP client, the folder cache in hMailServer wasn't immediately updated.
  • The error handling in the IMAP component has been rewritten to improve performance.

5.0 Beta Build 309 (2008-10-28)

Major new features:

  • Score based spam protection. In version 5, every spam protection mechanism generates a spam score for an email message. If the total spam score reaches a certain threshold, the message will be marked as spam. If it reaches an even higher threshold, it may be deleted. This new functionality will improve the overall spam classification of messages.
  • Built in SSL encryption. Using this new functionality, you can set up a secure connection between hMailServer installation and your users. The SSL functionality is also available when hMailServer communicates with other servers which supports SSL. For example, you no longer need to use external tools to download messages from other SSL POP3 servers.
  • hMailServer 5 includes a SpamAssassin integration which makes spam detection more efficient. After SpamAssassin has been installed, you can configure hMailServer to use it simply by enabling the integration.
  • hMailServer now supports Public folders. You can now set up public folders which some or all users on the server can access. It is possible to give users (or groups) separate permissions for these public folders, for example to make sure that only moderators can add or delete messages in the folder. Messages can be put into these public folders either manually, or by using rules.

Other improvements:

  • hMailServer is now officially tested with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  • Support for PostgreSQL have been added. Next to MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, hMailServer can now use PostgreSQL as backend store.
  • Fully integrated database. In earlier versions, MySQL was bundled as the default database option. In version 5, this has been changed to MSSQL CE. The database engine will be hosted by hMailServer which makes hMailServer easier to install. Upgrades will not be affected by this change.
  • It's now possible to trigger a manual download of messages from external accuonts.
  • In the account settings, you can now create and delete IMAP folders connected to the accounts. You can also manually empty accounts.
  • A Delivered-To header can be added to incoming messages. This header will contain the value of the recipient address specified in the SMTP conversation.
  • In hMailServer Administrator, it's now possible to see the number of currently active SMTP, POP3 and IMAP sessions.
  • You can now define a maximum size of messages which are going to be scanned for spam.
  • In hMailServer 5, you can use rules to specify which route should be used when delivering a message. This makes it possible to override the default routing functionality.
  • In version 5, the hMailServer COM API has full support for Unicode. This means that scripts which accesses email data will have no problem accessing messages containing for example japanese or arabic characters.
  • A lot of new functionality have been added to the hMailServer COM API. See the Com API change log for more information.
  • And more...

Breaking changes:

  • The Database Delivery Log function has been removed and replaced by a script, found in the User contributed scripts section of the online forum. The reason is that this functionality has caused problems for users who have enabled it without knowing what it does.
  • Many objects in the API has been removed or replaced. Please see the API change log for more information.

4.4.4 Beta Build 287 (2008-12-23)

  • The server could in some cases crash when resolving invalid DNS records.

4.4.4 Beta Build 286 (2008-12-08)

  • SMTP: Specific error codes given by the recipients server aren't handled properly. This may cause hMailServer to retry delivery even if a delivery has failed permanently (Issue 254)

4.4.3 Build 285 - Stable (2008-11-09)

  • This build fixes hMailServer Security Vulnerability (SA32597).

4.4.3 Beta Build 284 (2008-11-09)

  • A security problem has been found in PHPWebAdmin which may be used by attackers to gain access to the server. The purpose of this build is to distribute a version which is open for review. Since the fix is still preliminary, it is recommended that you disable PHPWebAdmin until a final solution has been made.

4.4.2 Build 283 - Stable (2008-09-06)

  • SMTP: A user could cause a hMailServer instance to crash by sending a large message which fills up the hard drive on the server. In this build, hMailServer will stop writing to the message file when the Max message size limitation is reached reducing the risks of this.

4.4.2 Beta Build 279 (2008-07-11)

  • SMTP: In Rules, it is now possible to explicitly define which route should be used for a specific message.
  • IMAP: Specific commands sent over IMAP could cause hMailServer to crash. Parameter sanity checks have been added to a lot of commands to prevent this.

4.4.2 Beta Build 278 (2008-03-29)

  • POP3: When hMailServer downloaded messages from external POP3 accounts, dates were not always parsed properly.

4.4.2 Beta Build 277 (2008-03-09)

  • IMAP: Rename of root IMAP folders did not work properly and sometimes left orphaned folders until service restart.

4.4.2 Beta Build 276 (2008-02-11)

  • SMTP: In rare cases, hMailServer delivered duplicate messages to external recipients. It happened in some cases if multiple MX hosts were specified for the recipient domain, if the messages contained multiple recipients and some of them failed temporarily on both the first and second MX host. (Also depending on timing during disconnection from the remote server).

4.4.2 Beta Build 275 (2007-11-13)

  • SMTP: A fix has been made to the DNS client in hMailServer. Previously, memory was leaked when DNS queries were made.

4.4.1 Build 273 - Stable (2007-07-30)

  • If a user got access to the hMailServer COM API and authenticated, he could change password for other users on the same domain. (Issue 105)

4.4.1 Beta Build 272 (2007-07-29)

  • Data Directory Synchronizer: When adding messages to the database, the create-time of the message in the database is set to the timestamp found in the first Received header. If no such timestamp exists (or is unparseable), the timetamp in the Date header is used. If this isn't found (or is unparseable), hMailServer uses the current date and time as create-time.
  • POP3: If you configure hMailServer to delete messages from external accounts after X days, they are never deleted from the remote server.

4.4.1 Beta Build 271 (2007-05-05)

  • SMTP: E-mail addresses in white listing records were case sensitive (Issue 97).
  • Anti spam: Using two new ini file settings, it's now possible to configure how often expired greylisting records should be cleared from the database, and whether or not greylisting should be active during this period. The new settings are named GreylistingEnabledDuringRecordExpiration and GreylistingRecordExpirationInterval.
  • Administration: When restoring a backup, descriptions for white listing records were not restored. (Issue 93)
  • POP3: If a large number of external accounts were set up, hMailServer started too many parallel downloads. (Issue 92)

4.4 Build 270 - Stable (2007-04-09)

  • Administrator: Minor GUI problem in External accounts dialog.
  • Administrator: When adding a new DNS blacklist or SURBL server, it was possible to two objects with the same name. This had the effect that you got a "Duplicate key" error message and had to restart the service.

4.4 Beta Build 269 (2007-04-01)

  • POP3: hMailServer now adds a X-hMailServer-ExternalAccount header to the beginning of messages which have been downloaded from external servers. This header contains the name of the external account the message was downloaded from.
  • SMTP: After a rule script has been run, the message data is now re-loaded from disk, since the script may have changed its contents. This makes it possible to take different actions depending on the new content in following rules.

4.4 Beta Build 268 (2007-03-24)

  • SMTP: A change has been made to the way email addresses are parsed in MIME headers, to allow larger deviation from the RFC's. (Because users who type in their email addresses in their email clients know little about RFC's. This is required when hMailServer downloads messages from other servers and is configured to deliver to the recipients in the MIME header).

4.4 Beta Build 267 (2007-03-20)

  • API: A new event, OnDeliveryStart, has been added. This event is executed directly when the delivery of a message has started, before the global rules are executed.
  • Administration: hMailServer Administrator crashed if user tried to add two aliases or lists with same address.
  • Administration: In PHPWebAdmin, it was possible to delete your own account if register_globals was enabled. (Issue 90)

4.4 Beta Build 265 (2007-03-16)

  • IMAP: hMailServer crashed if an incorrectly formatted RENAME was sent. A general fix has been made to prevent this type of error. (Issue 88)

4.4 Beta Build 264 (2007-03-15)

  • POP3: If a client disconnects without QUIT'ing, any message deletion flag is now removed.
  • POP3: Sometimes sender address wasn't parsed properly when downloading messages from external servers. This may lead to problems if hMailServer is going to deliver the message to an external recipients. (Issue 87)

4.4 Alpha Build 263 (2007-03-04)

  • The built-in MySQL server is now configured to auto-recover if corrupt tables occur (myisam-recover=FORCE,BACKUP). This change only effects new installations.
  • PHPWebAdmin: When using PHP5, it was not possible to view account settings.
  • PHPWebAdmin: It was not possible to log on using a domain name alias.
  • PHPWebAdmin: Changes made to Active Directory settings were not saved. (Issue 85)
  • hMailServer Administrator: When renaming domains, accounts were sometimes incorrectly renamed. (Issue 86)

4.4 Alpha Build 262 (2007-03-04)

  • Misc: A new version of the auto-reply/vacation plugin for SquirrelMail has been included. Makes it easier to select expiration date. (thanks gruenie!)
  • FIX: A change has been made to prevent bounce-messages from looping when rules are used.
  • SMTP: Expired greylisting triplets are now cleared once every 4 hour instead every minute. (Increases database performance).
  • FIX: When using SQL Server or MySQL in strict mode, it was not possible to add new external accounts.
  • Performance: PHPWebAdmin now only shows sub-nodes for the currently selected object in the tree to the left, which speeds up the scripts in larger installations.

4.4 Alpha Build 261 (2007-02-24)

  • FIX: When an error notification is sent due to a delivery failure, the notification now contains a bit more information regarding the problem. (The IP address of the server hMailServer was trying to deliver to, and the hMailServer command which resulted in the problem)
  • FIX: Sometimes error HM4403 was reported when messages were being deleted due to spam/virus protection. (Caused incorrect IP address logged in Awstats log)
  • FIX: If messages were deleted using IMAP, but not purged some POP3-clients reported inconsistencies between the STAT and UIDL/LIST responses when accessing the mailbox.

4.4 Alpha Build 260 (2007-02-11)

  • API: It's now possible to check the current number of delivery attempts by accessing the DeliveryAttempt property on the hMailServer.Message object.
  • API: It's now possible to access headers by name, by calling Headers.ItemByName("Name") on the hMailServer.Message object to retrieve a hMailServer.MessageHeader object.
  • Feature (minor): It's now possible to configure how many times hMailServer should try to connect to the database server during start-up.
  • See (ConnectionAttempts, ConnectionAttemptsDelay)
  • FIX: If a user added a message to a mailbox (for example Sent items), but disconnected before it had completed, an orphaned message was left in the data directory.
  • FIX: If displaying of notices were enabled in PHP, it was not possible to add domains to PHPWebAdmin.
  • FIX: If a non-existant account had been specified as mirror address, hMailServer now prevents looping.
  • FIX: Issue 80, If no subject had been specified in the auto-reply settings, the subject on the reply email always became "Re:".
  • FIX: Issue 82, Timeouts during DNS queries previously sometimes lead to message marked as spam.
  • FIX: Issue 83, If a password contained a \, it was not possible to log on POP3 (never has been).
  • Misc/FIX: A change has been made to the garbage collection algorithm to make it a bit more stable.

4.4 Alpha Build 259 (2007-02-04)

    • FIX: Sometimes an empty message was created when downloading messages from external servers.

4.4 Alpha Build 258 (2007-01-23)

    • FIX: A new rule action exists, Stop rule processing which cancels the remaining rules on the current level
    • FIX: DNS/A lookups are now recursive. This means that if a MX record points at a CNAME record, hMailServer will now look up the IP address for the host name in the CNAME record.

4.4 Alpha Build 257 (2007-01-16)

    • FIX: It wasn't possible to log on PHPWebAdmin using a default domain. (Only when specifying the full email address name as log in name).
    • FIX: If a DNS-error occurs when hMailServer does a MX check during spam protection, hMailServer now assumes that the senders domain has MX records.
    • FIX: Path to virus scanner was not displayed properly when containing ".

4.4 Alpha Build 256 (2007-01-12)

    • When you list the messages in the queue, hMailServer now shows total message count under the list.
    • If an error occurs in PHPWebAdmin, it's now presented in a slightly more user-friendly way.
    • If checking of senders MX records have been enabled, hMailServer now checks for MX records both on the senders top-domain and sub-domain. (So if an email is sent from, hMailServer checks for MX records both on and
    • An extra check has been added to the DNS resolver to prevent invalid responses from DNS servers to create problems. (If hMailServer asks the DNS server for MX records for, the DNS server may respond with MX records for another domain which could cause problems)
    • FIX: ID78, It was possible to create accounts exceeding the max domain size by entering incorrectly formatted account sizes.
    • FIX: Depending on date formats in the regional options, it was not always possible to save account changes.
    • FIX: hMailServer Administrator no longer shows the text "Warnings" on the status screen if there aren't any warnings.

4.4 Alpha Build 255

  • PHPWebAdmin now includes the new features.
  • ORDB is no longer included in the default list of DNS blacklists.
  • API: A hMailServer.MessageHeaders can now be retrieved using the Headers property on the hMailServer.Message object.
  • API: The RefreshContent method on the hMailServer.Message object allows you to reload the content of an email message from disk.
  • API: hMailServer.Account::VacationMessageExpiresDate is now of type String, instead of VariantDate.
  • If checking of senders MX records have been enabled, hMailServer now checks for MX records on the senders domain not including any sub domain. For example, if someone sends from, hMailServer will check that the domain has MX records. The reason for this is that there's no point in checking, since this results in to many false positives.
  •  _ has now been added to the list of valid plus addressing characters. (Not in PHPWebAdmin yet. Will be included in next build)

4.4 Alpha Build 254

  • Bugfix C68 - hMailServer now checks the host name in the HELO command, even if the sender address is empty.
  • Bugfix C43 - Leading and trailing spaces are removed from domain names, if the user has accidentally added this.

4.4 Alpha Build 253

  • See What's new for changes in this build.

4.3.2 Beta Build 266 (2007-03-16)

  • IMAP: hMailServer crashed if an incorrectly formatted RENAME was sent. A general fix has been made to prevent this type of error. (Issue 88)

4.3.1 Build 253 - Stable

  • Bugfix C79 - If an external software had modified the .eml file in the data directory in an incorrect way, hMailServer could sometimes not send it to POP3 clients.

4.3.1 Build 252

  • When saving anti spam settings in PHPWebAdmin, the value of 'Allow empty sender address' was inverted. (PHPWebAdmin updated)

4.3.1 Build 251

  • The full English translation is now included.

4.3.1 Build 250

  • Support for Windows Vista has been added. Please note that this is still experimental.
  • In earlier versions of hMailServer it was not possible to send a message to a distribution list if one of the recipients did not exist. From now on, hMailServer will accept the message and deliver it to the existing recipients.
  • If a SMTP client had added a leading space to the host name in the HELO command (which is a violation of the SMTP RFC), hMailServer did not accept email from the client. The implementation has been changed so that hMailServer ignores this client error.

4.3.1 Build 249

  • Bugfix C69 - IMAP literals did not work in previous builds. This bug had the effect that some IMAP commands in specfic clients failed. For example, logging on Horde/IMP did not always work.
  • Bugfix C21 - The fix for an old bug which was fixed in 4.2.2 was not included in hMailServer 4.3. This had the effect that an infinite loop was created when downloading messages formatted in a specific way. The risk of the problem occuring is relativly low and it will only occur with some specific POP3 clients.

4.3 Build 248 - Stable

  • Bugfix: C66 - Upgrades from earlier versions failed when MySQL with InnoDB was used, due to incompatible SQL statements.
  • Bugfix C67 - It was not possible to update exiting distribution list recipients in PHPWebAdmin without removing and adding them again them.

4.3 Build 247

  • Bugfix: C65 - If an hMailServer Event Script tried to access something in the API which it did not have privileges to access, hMailServer sometimes failed to report a descriptive error message.

4.3 Build 246

  • Bugfix: C64 - When hMailServer detected a message as spam using SURBL, MIME headers was not modified if hMailServer was configured to do this.

4.3 Build 245

  • Bugfix: C63 - In some cases, hMailServer was unable to determine whether a client had disconnected. In theese cases, hMailServer did not force a client disconnect. But if this happened often, it lead to a high memory usage.

4.3 Build 244

  • Bugfix: C61 - Validation of hosts in the HELO command were performed for IP addresses as well. This may have the effect that hMailServer falsely classifies an email as spam.
  • Bugfix C62 - Plus addressing did not work recursively. For example, it was not possible to set up an alias which forwarded to a "plussed" address. This is now possible.
  • Performance: An performance improvement has been made which speeds up the time it takes for hMailSever to MIME-decode email with a lot of message recipients in the headers (>500). In previous version, parsing a list of 2 500 recipients could take as long as 15 seconds. This has been decreased to about 0.05 seconds.
  • Performance: An improvement has been made to the IMAP Sort algorithm. Sorting large mailboxes on From, CC and Subject headers is now up to 4 times as fast.
  • UI: Error message when a script has failed to call Authenticate() has been improved.
  • UI: All the language files have been updated. To prevent incorrect characters in the user interface, all translation is now in Unicode.

4.3 Build 243

  • Bugfix: C59 - If a "Move to IMAP folder" had been set up in an account-level rule, this could under certain circumstances be performed for other local recipients of the email as well.
  • Bugfix: C60 - MIME-decoding could fail for certain messages. This had the effect that they could not be processed by rules and scripting. It could also have the effect that they were not displayed properly in the email client.
  • Functionality: When DataDirectorySynchronizer imports messages from the data root directory, it no longer sends messages to all external recipients of the email messages. This change has been done to prevent duplicate emails from being sent. Earlier versions, running DataDirectorySynchronizer could for example forward email back to mailing lists.
  • Bugfix / Performance: DataDirectorySynchronizer now releases objects from memory when they are no longer needed, which leads to an performance improvement when importing a large number of messages.
  • UI: In hMailServer Administrator, the following changes have been made to the user interface:
    • The Backup node have been moved to the Utilities node. The reason for this is that the backup functionality is not server settings but more a server utility.
    • The Spam protection and AntiVirus nodes have been moved to the Settings node. The reason for this is that spam protection and AntiVirus are applied on email downloading from other servers using POP3 so it does not only effect SMTP.
  • Functionality: If you add AddXAuthUserHeader=1 to the Settings section in hMailServer.ini, hMailServer will add a X-AuthUser header to email (if SMTP authentication has been used). This functionality should be seen as experimental.
  • Functionality: If SMTP authentication is used, hMailServer now re-authenticates the user between every email in the same session. This change was made to prevent (authenticated )inactive users from being able to continue to send email by keeping the SMTP connection open.
  • Functionality: A change has been made to the IMAP implementation to resolve compatibility problem with misbehaving Nokia E61s.

4.3 Build 242

  • COM API: An exception is now thrown if hMailServer::Application::Database::ExecuteSQL() fails.
  • UI: Translations of the user interface have been added.
  • UI: In the Live log in hMailServer Administrator, it's now possible to sort the data by clicking on the different columns. Please note that the sort is text-based and not numerical. This means that for example 125 will appear before 90.
  • Bugfix: C56 - COM API methods Client.IPAddress and Client.Port always returned an empty value in the OnAcceptMessage event.
  • Bugfix: C57 - Delivery of email could sometimes fail, leading to email not being delivered before sevice restart.
  • Bugfix: C58 - When adding an email message to an IMAP folder, the client should be able to set the \Answered and \Flagged flags immediately. This was not implemented in hMailServer. (Caused the two flags to be lost when copying email messages between different accounts  / server)

4.3 Build 241

  • Bugfix: C55 - IMAP: Search command doesn't include for flags
    When a client uses a IMAP SEARCH command, hMailServer ignored the flags specified in the search command. This had the effect that email clients sometime could show incorrect messages in message listings.
  • Improved logging when email can't be parsed.
    If an unhandled error occurs while hMailServer is parsing an email message, the .EML file is now moved to \Logs\Problematic messages\ folder. Feel free to forward such .EML-files to the hMailServer Development Team for further troubleshooting.
  • When hMailServer downloads messages from other POP3 servers, and you have configured hMailServer to search for recipients in the MIME headers, hMailServer now searches in all the Received: headers as well.

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