hMailServer 3.3 and later versions enable you to use routes. Routes specify how and where emails for specific domains should be delivered. Normally, hMailServer uses DNS-MX lookup to determine where email should be delivered. Routes let you override this behaviour. For example,
  • Routes enable you to deliver email for a specific domain through a specific server without using MX lookup.
  • Routes enable your server to act as a MX backup for another server
  • Using routes, you can configure hMailServer to forward email for specific accounts to other SMTP servers, even though the account domain exists in your hMailServer installation.

Creating a new route

The following example explains how to configure all email for the domain to go through instead of through the default server,
  1. Start hMailAdmin
  2. Go to Settings -> Protocols -> SMTP -> Routes
  3. Click on Add
  4. In the Domain field, enter
  5. In the Target SMTP host field, enter
  6. Click on Save
Henceforth, all email sent to will go through, instead of through the default server,

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