Grey listing


Grey listing allows you to prevent spam by temporarly rejecting email to your server. Grey listing benefits from the fact that properly configured email servers will try to resend messages later, while spammers normally will give up immediately if your server rejects an email.

When a sender tries to deliver a message for the first time to your server, hMailServer will save the senders IP adderss, the senders email address and the recipient email address. This information is called a triplet. hMailServer will reject the message and kindly ask the sending server to retry later. The next time the sending server tries to deliver an email which matches the triplet, hMailServer will accept the message.

Minutes to defer deliver attempts

Specify how many minutes hMailServer should wait before accepting a message.

Days before removing unused records

If hMailServer temporarly rejects a message, but the sender does not try to resend the message, hMailServer will remove the triplet after the number of days specified.

Days before removing used records

Using this setting, you can specify how long triplets should exist in hMailServer before being removed.

White listing

E-mail servers which uses different IP addresses every time they try to send a message to hMailServer, and email servers which does not try to resend messages that has been temporarly rejected is not compatible with grey listing. You can add an IP address to such servers here. hMailServer will not use grey listing for the servers. Wildcards are supported in this list.

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