External accounts


hMailServer can download messages from POP3 accounts on other servers. Email downloads are delivered to a specific account, but it is possible to redirect them to an external account, using rules. External accounts are defined in the Account settings under the External accounts tab.


The name of the external account. The name is in free text and can be anything you like.

Server type

Currently only POP3. Support for other protocols, such as IMAP, may be added in future.

Server address & TCP Port

The hostname and TCP/IP port of the server hMailServer should connect to when downloading messages.

User name & Password

The user name and password hMailServer should use when logging on to the external server. This should be the same login information that you normally enter in your email client when logging on to that account.


Minutes between downloads defines how often hMailServer should download messages from the external server. The default value is 30 minutes. It is recommended that you not decrease this value.
If you select Delete messages immediately, hMailServer will delete the messages from the external server right after downloading them. The opposite, Do not delete messages, causes hMailServer not to delete messages on the external server. If you select Delete messages after [x] days, hMailServer will automatically delete messages from the POP3 server when they are [x] days old.
Deliver to recipients in MIME headers allows you to override who hMailServer deliveres the downloaded messages to. By default, hMailServer downloads the messages and puts them in the account in which you have created the external account. For example, if you have added the external account to an account named something@domain.com, all downloaded email will be put in something@domain.com's inbox. However, if you select this option, hMailServer will deliver to the recipients in the MIME headers instead. For example, if the To field contains someone@domain.com, hMailServer will check if there is an account named someone@domain.com. In that case, hMailServer will deliver the message to that account.

In some cases, all recipients may not exist in the MIME headers. For example, if you send an email where a recipient is on the BCC list, this recipient will not be available in the MIME headers, and hMailServer will not know that the email should be delivered to this recipient


  • hMailServer 4.0 and 4.1 will download email from external accounts, even if the parent account/domain is disabled. However, if the message is deleted from the remote server, and the local account/domain had been disabled, the message will be lost. To prevent this in future, from version 4.2 onwards, hMailServer will not download email from external accounts if the parent account or domain is disabled.
  • You must have SMTP enabled in hMailServer, for the external accounts feature to work.
  • When you configure to deliver messages to recipients in MIME headers, hMailServer checks the following headers
    • To
    • CC
    • X-RCPT-TO
    • X-Envelope-To
    • Received (multiple)
  • If you have selected to deliver messages to recipients in MIME headers, and no recipients have been found, hMailServer will put the email message in the account in which the external account was created.

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