Anti virus


When a virus is found

Choose Delete e-mail if you want messages containing a virus to be deleted immediately. Chose Delete attachments if you want messages containing viruses to be delivered, but that attachments should be removed. When deleting the email, you can chose to notify the sender and/or recipient of the email that a virus was found in the email.

Maximum message size to virus scan (KB)

Most email message which contains viruses are relativly small. Using this setting, you can configure hMailServer to skip virus scanning if a message is larger than a specified size. 



hMailServer can be automatically configured to use ClamWin. To automatically configure hMailServer to use ClamWin, click Autodetect. hMailServer will read ClamWin settings from the Windows registry. After the settings have been autodetected, you should make sure that they are correct.

External virusscanner

Scanner executable

The path to the anti virus scanner executable that should be run. This should be a command line scanner that does not have a user interface.

Return value

The value that the virus scanner will return if a virus is found.

User guide

More information about integrating an external virus scanner can be found in the user guide.

Block attachments

These settings allows you to block attachments based on the attachment extension. If you enable this feature, hMailServer will remove the attachment and then add a new attachment with the name <original name>.txt which contains a short message that the attachment has been removed.

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