hMailServer folder structure

/Addons Addon scripts and utilities
/Bin hMailServer binaries. The actual server and hMailAdmin
/Data E-mail messages. The files in the Data root are messages that have not been delivered yet. Sub folders contain delivered messages.
/DBScripts SQL scripts that are used when upgrading from one version to another. The files have the following naming standard: UpgradeXXXXtoYYYYZZZZ.sql. XXXX is the old version, YYYY is the new version and ZZZZ is the type of database server.
/Events VBA and JavaScript scripts used by hMailServer.
/Languages Tranlations of the hMailServer user interface.
/Logs Log files created by hMailServer.
/MySQL The MySQL server
/PHPWebAdmin The PHP web administration interface for hMailServer.
/Temp Temporary directory used by hMailServer. For example used when hMailServer extracts attachments that needs to be virus scanned

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