IP range



The name of the IP range. Any text between 1 and 40 characters. Give IP ranges names that describes the ranges, for example My computer, My LAN and so on.


The priority of the IP range. 0 is the lowest value and 100 is the highest. If an IP address matches two IP ranges, the IP range with the highest priority will be used.

Lower IP & Upper IP

All IP addresses between (and including) Lower IP and Upper IP will be effected by this IP range. For example, the IP address matches an IP range where the Lower IP is and the Upper IP is The IP address matches an IP range where both the Lower IP and Upper IP is

Allow connections

These settings lets you define which protocols hMailServer will allow, from TCP/IP connections originating from this IP range.

Require authentication for deliveries

These settings defines whether hMailServer should require SMTP authentication for deliveries. For example, if you require SMTP authentication for deliveries to external accounts, the sender must supply a username and password when sending the message. In most cases, you should not require SMTP authentication for deliveries to local accounts.

Allow deliveries

Define whether hMailServer should allow SMTP deliveries for this IP range. Local accounts means accounts on the server. E-mail addresses that does not belong to accounts in your hMailServer installation are treated as external accounts. Note that when sending an email from an alias address, the sender is treated as an external account. You should normally not enable deliveries from external to external accounts for any IP range. Enabling this allows anyone (including spammers) that connects from the IP range to send email through your server.

Spam protection

If this option is enabled, hMailServer will run spam protection (such as SPF, DNS blacklists and MX check) for SMTP deliveries originating from this IP range. You may want to disable this option for your local network.


After you've changed or added an IP range, you should run at least one open relay test to ensure that no-one can use your server to send spam.

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