Every email account in hMailServer must belong to a domain. The domains specified in hMailServer can be local network domains or global internet domains such as


Domain name

The name of the domain. To be considered valid, a domain name must include a dot. You must set up your DNS servers so that email can be sent to your mail server.


One domain can have several names. These are also known as domain aliases. For example, your organization might own the domain,, but it might also own, and If you want to be able to receive email for all these domains, you will have two options:
  1. Add all four domains to hMailServer. The problem with this is that you then have to add every email account 4 times, once for each domain.
  2. Add as a domain, and then, under it, in the Names-tab, add, and That is, you add, and as aliases of That, usually, is the route most users prefer.

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