Feature implementation

Feature implementation

How do I request a feature?

If you want to request a feature, add it to the Feature request section in the user forum. If you are unsure whether the feature is already implemented, please ask in the General discussions section first

When will my feature be implemented?

When a feature request has been submitted to the feature request section in the forum, a poll is added to it. Using the poll, other hMailServer users can vote for or against the feature.

The hMailServer Development Team uses these votes to decide which features to implement. The general rule is that features which have received most popular votes will be implemented first, the features with less positive votes will be implemented after that.

On the voting result page, you can see a top-list of the most popular requests.

There are some exceptions to this rule.

  • Large features, which requires internal redesigns are normally deferred to a feature major release, (such as 5.0, 6.0). Examples of such features are "Full SSL support" and "multi-platform support". The reason for this is that adding larger features requires a lot of testing and takes longer time. And minor versions, such as 4.1, 4.2 should be released often, and then we can't implement high-risk features.
  • Some user may experience a problem where he simply is unable to use the server properly due to how other servers works. If there is no reasonable workaround to this problem, this request receives higher priority. This only applies to basic server functionality. For example, "I can't use this software unless it has mailing list capabilities" does not fall under this category.
  • Very small features which can be implemented without any risk, and in a matter of minutes receive higher priority.
  • A company may decide to purchase a new hMailServer feature. Then this new feature is implemented in parallel with the other features.



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