Rule troubleshooting


This page contains troubleshooting tips related to rule processing. If you are experiencing a problem with a rule, it's recommended that you read this page.


60 second delay

When an email is auto-generated by a rule, for example, after aforward, it may take up to 60 seconds before the email is delivered.The message will be delivered the next time hMailServer polls thedatabase for emails to deliver. This delay is necessary. Without it, itwould be easy to create a rule that delivers messages in an endlessloop which would make hMailServer use 100% CPU until the rule isdeleted.

Encoded header fields

Headers of email messages may be encoded using different types ofencoding. If you set up a criterion that searches a header field,hMailServer will try to decode that header field if possible. If theheader is in Japanese, for example, the contents of the mail will notbe searchable.

Incorrectly formatted messages

If an email message is not correctly formatted, hMailServer may have problems retrieving values of individual headers of the message. In a correctly formatted email message, each line should be terminated with carriage return and a line feed. In some cases, message may contain lines lacking either the carriage return or the line feed. If these cases, hMailServer will not be able to retrieve the values of the header. Technically speaking, hMailServer is working correctly - if a line in an email message is not correctly ended, it is not ended.

What may cause confusion is that some email clients ignores the fact that messages are not correctly formatted. An email message which hMailServer has been unable to parse may be shown properly in your email client. The only way to determine whether an email message is correctly formatted or not is to locate the message file in the hMailServer data directory. Open the message file in Notepad and look at the message headers in the beginning of the email. If there are several headers on a single line, the message is not correctly formatted. It's important that you open the file in Notepad and not Wordpad or Microsoft Word, since Wordpad and Microsoft Word automatically inserts correct line endings.

You can configure hMailServer to reject messages which are not correctly formatted:

  1. Start hMailServer Administrator
  2. Expand Settings and Protocols in the tree to the left.
  3. Select SMTP
  4. Select the RFC compliance tab.
  5. De-select "Allow incorrectly formatted line endings".

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