TCP/IP Listening Port

TCP/IP Ports (listening only)


Choose which protocol should be used for this specific port. When a client connects to the port, hMailServer will use this protocol to parse the incoming commands from the client.

TCP/IP address

Specify the TCP/IP address hMailServer should listen on.  The address must match an internal network card address assigned to a network card in your server. The default value,, means that hMailServer will listen on all available IP addresses. For IPv6 the equivalent default value is ::

TCP/IP port

The port number hMailServer should listen on, on the specified IP address.

Connection security

Select the connection security to be used for the port.

SSL certificate

If you have choosen to use SSL/TLS or StartTLS, you must select which SSL certificate you want to use for this specific port.

TCP/IP Sending port

For TCP/IP Sending port see SMTP Relayer.

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