hMailServer enable you to write your own scripts to extend the server's functionality. Support for Microsoft VBScript and Microsoft JScript currently exists in the server. You will find at useful sample scripts written in VBScript. For general script syntax, you should consult the Microsoft MSDN library.

All hMailServer scripts should be placed in a file called EventHandlers.vbs. The file is found in the hMailServer Events directory, normally C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Events.

hMailServer offers the following pre-defined events:

Event Purpose Implemented in
OnBackupCompleted Executed when a backup has completed. 4.2
OnBackupFailed Executed when a backup has failed. 4.2
OnClientConnect Executed when a client is connected. 4.0
OnAcceptMessage Executed when an e-mail has been delivered to the server using the SMTP protocol. 4.0
OnDeliveryStart Executed directly when the delivery of an email has started, before any rules are executed. 4.4
OnDeliverMessage Executed when an e-mail is beeing delivered. Executed after global rules are executed, but before account-level rules. 4.0
OnDeliveryFailed Executed if delivery of a a message has failed 5.0
OnExternalAccountDownload Executed when a message has been downloaded from a remote POP3 account. 5.3


Executed if a error occurs in hMailServer. 5.0
OnSMTPData Executed when SMTP Data is received 5.4

Order of Execution

OnClientConnect (oClient)

spam tests >> DNSBlackilists, HELOhost, MXRecords, SPF

OnSMTPData (oClient, oMessage)

spam tests >> SURBL, DKIM, Greylisting, integrated SpamAssasin

OnAcceptMessage (oClient, oMessage)

OnDeliveryStart (oMessage)

integrated anti-virus check, Global rules

OnDeliverMessage (oMessage)

OnDeliveryFailed (oMessage, sRecipient, sErrorMessage) - if applicable

Message delivered to recipeint(s), Account level rules


Follow these steps to enable scripting:

  • Start hMailServer Administrator
  • Navigate to Settings->Advanced->Scripts
  • Select Enabled
  • Click on Save to save your changes
  • Whenever you modify the script file you have to click on Reload script for hMailServer to refresh, recording the changes. hMailServer keeps a copy of the entire script in memory, which improves performance.


See COM API for object references

For Developers the prototypes are in file: ScriptServer.h ... ptServer.h

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