Route all outgoing email through another server


Many ISPs (companies providing users a connection to the Internet) block outgoing traffic on port 25. This makes it impossible for hMailServer to connect directly to other SMTP servers on the Internet. A workaround for this is to route all your outgoing email through your ISP's mail server.

Also, for different users, people may want to route all outgoing email through a 3'rd party service such as gmail.


  1. Start up hMailServer Administrator
  2. Go to the Settings ⇒ Protocols ⇒ SMTP
  3. Select the Delivery of e-mail tab.
  4. Specify the following settings:
    SMTP relay server - Your ISP's email server hostname or IP address.
    TCP Port - The TCP/IP port your ISP's server is listening on, usually 25 (unless SSL is used).
  5. If your ISP's server requires authentication, select the Server requires authentication and enter username and password.

The above instructions are valid for 3.4 and later.

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