HOWTO: Changing the administrator password


Starting with hMailServer 4.3, a main administrator password exists for hMailServer. The purpose of this is to prevent unauthorized users from making changes to your hMailServer installation. During the installation of hMailServer 4.3, you specify the password you wish to use. A MD5 hash of this password is then stored in hMailServer.ini (The AdministratorPassword setting under the Security section )

Changing the password

Method 1 - Using hMailServer Administrator

If you know the current administrator password, or any other password to an account  with server-level administration permissions, you can change the password using hMailServer Administrator.

  1. Start hMailServer Administrator and log on.
  2. Go to Settings -> Advanced
  3. Enter the new Administration password and save the changes.

Method  2 - By reinstalling

  1. Remove the AdministratorPassword setting from hMailServer.ini.
  2. Re-install the same hMailServer version you have already installed. During the installation you will be prompted to specify a new password.

Method  3 - Using a MD5 calculator

  1. Use a MD5 calculator to calculate a new MD5 hash.
  2. Specify the new MD5 hash in hMailServer.ini. The setting you should update is AdministratorPassword
  3. Restart the hMailServer service.


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