Route object


The route object represents one hMailServer route.



Deletes the domain object the database.


Saves changes of the object in the database.

SetRelayerAuthPassword(string newVal)

Set SMTP server password


RouteAddresses Addresses

Valid addresses

bool AllAddresses

Route to all addresses

string Description

Description for this route.

string DomainName

Domain name.

long ID

Database identifier.

long MinutesBetweenTry

Number of minutes between every try

long NumberOfTries

Number of tries

string RelayerAuthUsername

SMTP server username

bool RelayerRequiresAuth

SMTP server requires authentication

string TargetSMTPHost

Target SMTP host

long TargetSMTPPort

Target SMTP host

bool TreatSecurityAsLocalDomain

Treat security as for local domains.

bool UseSSL

Use SSL for this route.

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