Message object


The message object represents a single e-mail message.


AddRecipient(STR sName, STR sAddress)
Adds a recipient to the e-mail.

Clears the recipient of the email (including the MIME-headers).

Copy(long iDestinationFolderID)
Copies the message to the specified IMAP folder

HasBodyType(string BodyType)
Check whether an email contains a specific content-type.

Refreshes the message content

Saves the email. If this is a new email, it will be delivered after save.


Attachments Attachments 
The attachments of the message

string Body
The plain text contents of the e-mail.

string CC
The CC-header of the email

string Charset
The main character set of the email.

string Date
The date header of the e-mail message.

long DeliveryAttempt
The number of this delivery attempt

bool EncodeFields
Encode fields.

string Filename
The filename in witch the message is stored

bool Flag(eMessageFlag iType)
Message flags (see bottom of this page for further detail)

string From
The sender of the e-mail.

string FromAddress
The sender address of the message, taken from "mail from" during the SMTP conversation and then inserted as the first occurrence of Return-Path.
Collection of message headers

string HeaderValue(string FieldName)
Value of the first occurrence of the given header field. FieldName is not case sensitive.

string HTMLBody
The HTML contents of the e-mail.

long ID
The unique database identifier for the e-mail

VARIANT InternalDate
The internal date and time of this message

Recipients Recipients
An list of recipients of this email

long Size
The size of the message, counted in kilobytes

long State
The state of the message

string Subject
The subject of the e-mail.

string To
The To-header of the email

The message flag is a Binary Flag (Boolean) which can contain several set values at same time.
1 = Seen (Read)
2 = Deleted
4 = Flagged
8 = Answered
16 = Draft
32 = Recent
64 =Virus Scanned
Or various combinations of above values so 32 + 64 = 96 would mean Recent and Virus Scanned.


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