Logging object


The logging object contains all settings related to logging.


EnableLiveLogging(bool newVal)
 Enable live logging.


bool AWStatsEnabled
 Create AWStats log
string CurrentAwstatsLog
 Full path to the current awstats log
string CurrentDefaultLog
 Full path to the current default log
string CurrentErrorLog
 Full path to the current error log
string CurrentEventLog
 Full path to the current event log
eLogDevice Device
 Logging device.
string Directory
 Path to the log directory
bool Enabled
 Logging enabled.
bool KeepFilesOpen
 Keep log file open between writes.
string LiveLog
 Current live log output
bool LogApplication
 Log application.
bool LogDebug
 Log debug messages
eLogOutputFormat LogFormat
 Format of the log file
bool LogIMAP
 Log IMAP conversations.
bool LogPOP3
 Log POP3 conversations.
bool LogSMTP
 Log SMTP conversations.
bool LogTCPIP
 Log tcp/ip.

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