Domain object


The domain object represents one hMailServer domain.



Deletes the domain from the database.


Saves changes of the object in the database.


Synchronizes this domain towards active directory.


Accounts Accounts

The accounts collection for the domain.

bool Active

The enabled-state of the domain.

string ADDomainName

The active directory domain this domain will be synchronised to.

bool AddSignaturesToLocalMail

Add signatures to local email

bool AddSignaturesToReplies

Add signatures to replies on email

Aliases Aliases

The aliases collection for the domain.

long AllocatedSize

Allocated space for this domain.

bool AntiSpamEnableGreylisting

Enable greylisting for this domain.

DistributionLists DistributionLists

The distribution lists collection for the domain.

DomainAliases DomainAliases

The aliases of the domain name.

long ID

The unique database identifier for the domain.

long MaxAccountSize

Maximum size of accounts created in this domain.

long MaxMessageSize

Maximum message size when sending from this domain.

long MaxNumberOfAccounts

Maximum number of accounts which can be added to this domain.

bool MaxNumberOfAccountsEnabled

Enable maximum number of accounts.

long MaxNumberOfAliases

Maximum number of aliases which can be added to this domain.

bool MaxNumberOfAliasesEnabled

Enable maximum number of aliases.

long MaxNumberOfDistributionLists

Maximum number of distribution lists which can be added to this domain.

bool MaxNumberOfDistributionListsEnabled

Enable maximum number of distribution lists.

long MaxSize

Maximum size of this domain in MB.

string Name

Name of the domain.

string PlusAddressingCharacter

Plus addressing character.

bool PlusAddressingEnabled

Use plus addressing for this domain.

string Postmaster

The postmaster for this domain. E-mail sent to an nonexistent address will be redirected to this address.

bool SignatureEnabled

Enable the signature

string SignatureHTML

The HTML version of the signature

eDomainSignatureMethod SignatureMethod

The domain signature method

string SignaturePlainText

The plain text version of the signature

long Size

Current size of this domain in MB.

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