Application object


The application object is the root object in the hMailServer API. It's the first object you should create when you want to access the hMailServer API


Authenticate(string Username, string Password)

Authenticate the client.


Opens a connection to the hMailServer database.


Reloads all the server settinsg


Starts an hMailServer server.


Stops an hMailServer server.


Submits pending email messages. May be triggered if an email has been manually inserted into the database.


BackupManager BackupManager

Gets the backup manager.

Database Database

Gets the database interface.

Domains Domains

Gets the Domains collection.

GlobalObjects GlobalObjects

Gets the global objects object.

string InitializationFile

The initialization file currently in use.

Links Links

Quick links to access objects

Rules Rules

Gets a colleciton of global rules.

eServerState ServerState

Gets the current state of the server.

Settings Settings

Gets the Settings object.

Status Status

Returns the Status object.

Utilities Utilities

Gets the Utilities object.

string Version

Gets the current hMailServer version

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